A Proposal?

Now Marid!? Marid is saying that him and Eadlyn should get married because, "the people love him." i predict that Eadlyn will say no because in the beginning of the book she says that she is not looking for someone to rule with, she is looking for a husband to just be there. Who knows, opinions might change. I feel that Eadlyn should send Fox home, because they have not spent a lot of time together, and they do not seem like they would be a good couple. The only people left are Fox, Heri, and Kile. Kile and Heri seem like they actually like eadlyn.

I think Erik will win

A New Suitor?

I have been wondering what would of happened if Erik, Heri's translator would have been chosen. Erik and Eadlyn seem like they would make a good couple because they understand each other, and because if Eadlyn needs someone to talk to she goes to Erik (partly because he is not in the competition, and also because he will give his honest opinion.) Also quote, "There was something about him that made this room, and this moment, the only place I could ever tell the truth." This is what Eadlyn is thinking while talking with Erik. I wonder if he, even though not part of the selection, might have a chance with Eadlyn. This just in... THEY ALMOST KISSED!!

I think that Erik will win Eadlyn's love (even though he is not part of the competition.)

Wait, What?

This chapter is so mixed up. We find out that Hale and Ean like each other and are a thing. This changes the competition big time, because since they are going home that means that there will only be Fox, Kile, and Heri left. In this chapter Eadlyn talks with Kile and they talk about houses, because Kile is interested in architecture. They also started to talk about first kisses.

Prediction of selection winner: Kile

The Giver : Book or Movie?

Rozy Jones Giver project Period 1
4-3-17 The Giver Blog Book or Movie? The movie of course, but why you might ask? Not all movies are better than their book, but “The Giver” movie is different.There are many more reasons that the movie is better than the book, but I will be focusing on these points. The movie makes you feel more connected to Jonas, there is more conflict, and the location of the community. “The Giver” movie makes the audience feel more connected to Jonas. How? Well, the movie is done in first person, so the audience gets to see Jonas’s point of view. While the book is done in third person, the movie is done in first person and that makes the movie easier to understand than the book. In the movie you get to see the pain Jonas is going through. Besides the pain Jonas has, you get to see Jonas showing Lily how to dance, and Fiona what a kiss is. In the movie you can feel for Jonas, while the book has emotion it is not as strong as the movie. “The Giver” mov…

A New Queen?

Eadlyn has decided to take the throne early. I was surprised because in the beginning of the book the never wanted to rule, and she didn't want a husband. I think that because the boys have showed that they believe in her she is learning to believe in herself. I also think it is because of the meeting she had with the townsfolk, and that made her realize that she is able to make a difference in her country

My prediction of who will win the selection this week is Kile.

Digging Depper with Dee Jones

I emailed her on the 23 of January for a sleepover, “Hey nana, how old are you?” I felt bad for asking, “I am doing an interview for my english class, would you be interested?” “Sure, when would this be?” “I was thinking about having a sleepover this Friday” “Ok honey, that would be perfect for me. What time do you want me to pick you up?” “4:00ish would work for me.” but the sleepover was postponed to the next Friday, because of a sleepover I was going to. When my Nana arrived at my house I was not ready, so I had to stuff my stuff in my bag as fast as possible, for she had to get home to her dog. She is a shrewd 63 year old woman, my Nana, Dee Jones. Her real name is Dolores, but she like to be called Dee. I chose my Nana because she has always told us about her childhood, and I wanted to dig deeper into her memories. She has short reddish brown hair and a smile that could brighten your day. When I arrived at her house Jackson, her big golden retriever that we call a horse, greeted me wit…


Today I was reading inns_and_taverns_in_the_middle_ages.pdf . I started reading and the first paragraph said that the church were the only people that disproved of inns. I know this is true because on most of the other websites it said the something in a different form. This is the only website I have read that says that "Inns were frowned appon because they encourage gaming and drinking." At first when I read this I thought of hunting and poker, but it is just games like archery and tabletop games. I read that they also played a sort of bowling, but this is the only website I have read about bowling so I looked at another website Medieval Bowling . This website had .edu so I knew I could trust it. It said that there have been different accounts of a type of bowling over history, so now I can prove that inns_and_taverns_in_the_middle_ages.pdf was telling correct information.